Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where is HERO IMPULSE in Sri Lanka?

It had been almost 8 years since the initial release in India. The Hero Impulse has never been available in Sri Lanka for some unknown reason. I have been questioning the current HERO agent who is "ABANS" and yet they gave me no straight answer. I tried all possible ways to approach them, facebook, emails, through local dealers and all they say is "we will inform you once it is available". Guh!!! once it is available i will definitely know it my self even before the local agent gets it because i have been really enthusiastic about this motorcycle since it's initiation in India.


well because there are tons of reasons why we should have "Hero Impulse" in Sri Lankan roads and zero reasons why NOT!. It is build for off-road (in my book bad roads) which we have plenty here in this island. We don't have a properly powered affordable off-road motorcycle to buy from a trust worthy brand. Yes we do have XR125 (not powerful enough), Demak 150 and 200 ( we don't know about these machines, Royal Enfield Himalayan (have to sell a land to buy it, too expensive).

So why not HERO IMPULSE? It's 150cc and powered by the beloved CBZ Extreme (extreme) engine which pumps ample power to fuel consumption and will be ideal for our roads , bad roads and no roads. :D

The whole purpose of writing this article on my blog because i want this to be heard... those who wants to buy this bike just like my self please just go to FACEBOOK and tell HERO MOTOCORP SRI LANKA to get it down. It's not much to ask right?,

Please feel free to post all your valued comments,

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