Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shiatsu Self Massage Chart

I have received this chart of self massage and it is called shiatsu self massage. This is type of therapeutic self massage that originated in japan and later it combined with traditional Chinese medicine and western techniques as well. These methods are scientifically proven to be beneficial and can be easily performed by ones self or with help of a partner. Here are some of the charts i got.

Ancient art of fighting and self defence in sri lanka (a.k.a Angampora)

When someone says the "Art of fighting", anyone will definitely get a picture of Chinese fighting techniques such as "Kung Fu" or "Thai-chi". If you are a fan of martial arts movies, you will also think of techniques such as "Samurai", "Aikido" or karate. All these arts of fighting involves either hand to hand combat or using weapons and they were primarily invented for self defense. Even if you look at the western world there are many techniques. What i am going to tell you now is a technique that is less known to the world, and kept as a closely guarded secret form of martial arts among ancient sri lankan islanders. The technique might share some of the weapons that is used in indian fighting techniques but most of it is unique to Sri Lanka. This sri lankan technique of fighting is called "Angampora" in sinhala language. This ancient form of fighting not only consist of hand to hand and weapon fighting, it also has ways of using mystical magical powers and energies to put down their opponents. According to what i have come across, angampora fighting technique is not thought to everyone but only to a chosen person can be a apprentice, the ancient masters feared that this lethal fighting method will fall in to wrong hands, So the apprentices are chosen carefully by doing a mystical ceremony to ensure that he or she has a heart of pure good. Even to this day, very small number of people still practice and keep the ancient tradition alive. Here are some pictures of angampora which i received, so i thought i would share it on my blog.

These pictures will show you some demonstrations of the practice as well as before the apprentices start their daily routine of practice, they begin it with a Buddhism oriented ceremony.

If you are interested in "Angampora" you can search for this sri lankan drama named "Dadubasnamanaya" which was shown in early 90's in sri lankan television. It will give a complete idea of what it is plus a deep story about two families who knows this technique of fighting and mastered it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Crossing few ghost towns towards the sea....

Few days back, my brother in law came up with an idea that he would want to buy a motorcycle for him self for his use so i told him that he should go for a second hand Japanese motorcycle. I have called few contacts that i know of and found out that there is a Suzuki GS125 motorcycle for sale in this south west coast town we called "Kaluthara". We decided to take a ride down to the town and have a look at it, in the end he ended up buying it because it was in fairly in good condition and fits his criteria. We were suppose to take the main road towards the "Kaluthara" but instead i thought we should take a rural road cutting across few main roads going through some villages (actually i like to call them ghost towns because of many folk tales coming from these semi-remote villages are about ghosts), and ending up in the main road that leads to the south of the island. So on the way we have stopped for some drinks and i thought it's a nice shady (Ghost town looking) place to take a picture in the mid-day. I thought id share it with the world. So here i am, armed with my trusty good ol' Honda XL250R.....

Welcome to my little island on the vast ocean of web

I would like to welcome all of you to my blog, i hope you will enjoy your stay here. This place is all about Tourism, Motorcycles, Motorcycle touring, Movies, Photography, Games and almost everything i find in my way. If i see anything interesting i will definitely post it here in my little place on the web.