Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where is HERO IMPULSE in Sri Lanka?

It had been almost 8 years since the initial release in India. The Hero Impulse has never been available in Sri Lanka for some unknown reason. I have been questioning the current HERO agent who is "ABANS" and yet they gave me no straight answer. I tried all possible ways to approach them, facebook, emails, through local dealers and all they say is "we will inform you once it is available". Guh!!! once it is available i will definitely know it my self even before the local agent gets it because i have been really enthusiastic about this motorcycle since it's initiation in India.


well because there are tons of reasons why we should have "Hero Impulse" in Sri Lankan roads and zero reasons why NOT!. It is build for off-road (in my book bad roads) which we have plenty here in this island. We don't have a properly powered affordable off-road motorcycle to buy from a trust worthy brand. Yes we do have XR125 (not powerful enough), Demak 150 and 200 ( we don't know about these machines, Royal Enfield Himalayan (have to sell a land to buy it, too expensive).

So why not HERO IMPULSE? It's 150cc and powered by the beloved CBZ Extreme (extreme) engine which pumps ample power to fuel consumption and will be ideal for our roads , bad roads and no roads. :D

The whole purpose of writing this article on my blog because i want this to be heard... those who wants to buy this bike just like my self please just go to FACEBOOK and tell HERO MOTOCORP SRI LANKA to get it down. It's not much to ask right?,

Please feel free to post all your valued comments,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Demak Motorcycles in Sri Lanka ( Demak D7 125 )

I've been wanting to write a little about these machines for last few years. I've been seeing them on roads and showrooms for a while yet i never been had a chance to ride one of them. Well you can't write about what you don't know right? but recently i had a chance to take a test ride of this cute little machine in a near by second hand motorcycle shop. It is called "Demak D7 125CC". Even the machine i rode was in very bad condition, i had managed to jot down few points to write about it on my blog. I am sure if it was a new machine it would have been great fun. Since the motorcycle i rode was pre-owned and treated very badly i cannot write any information about the performance or how it feels to own a brand new D7. What you are about to see is not a review... it is just how i felt as a rider when i rode it and what i think about it.


It looks very interesting because it has the modern-retro cafe racer stylish look (Which i love). D7 is stylishly equipped with round headlamp instead of the more modern diamond head sharp edged headlamp. It comes in four different eye catching colours. Blue black white and red. They have flame decals on the tank sides and fitted with round rear mirrors to enhance the retro styling. Personally i like the way this machine looks.


After a close inspection of the motorcycle, i figured out that it is been powered by the same motor that powers Honda CG125. You really can't go wrong with that right?. Yep it is powered by the same super reliable push rod engine along with 5 speed transmission. It gives ample enough power to cruise through the roads as well as to escape the city traffic. Since this engine does comes with push rods instead of OHC, it ads more simplicity to the engine as well as durability during absence of regular maintenance. Best thing about this engine is ample availability of parts. If something goes wrong after five years of hard riding, nothing to worry, it is based on a ultra reliable time tested engine by Honda.

Other stuff... :D

I love how the bike sounds... the exhaust note is very thumpy just like those classic honda CG 125's. It has that beat we all classic bike lovers love to hear. Bike is also equipped with Alloy-wheels so use of tube less tyres will be an added advantage. It also have a glowing digital speedometer which looks very nice during the night rides. Seat is quiet comfortable but for larger riders, it will be difficult to carry a pillion. The Demak D7 also features kick start and Electric start which could be very useful if the battery dies. It also has front petal disc brakes and rear drum brakes which is pretty much standard these days on commuter class motorcycles.


I must say i loved the machine, i'd like to own one if i could, just to have a fun ride around the town. This is a great commuter and i believe it will give nearly 50 KMPL in fuel economy ( based on CG125 Honda 5Speed which has the same engine ). This looks like a cafe racer but no where near a real sports bike. D7 is an awesome commuter with styling. If you need performance and high speed riding, you definitely need to go up on Demaks latest offerings like Skyline GT etc.

I would like to write more about these Demak Motorcycles in the future... just ride them and write about how you honestly feel. Nothing like a professional review... but a more down to earth rider experience kind of thing.

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