Friday, November 7, 2014

A pilgrimage to the cloudy heavens of hindu gods.... The Ramayana Trails

For past few years i have worked on many types of tours as a licensed national tourist guide lecturer but i have not worked for a pilgrimage before. A week back i was contacted by a company called "Royal Holidays" to do quickly attend to a tour which starts on the same day night. I took up the challenge of getting ready and even more they have mentioned that it is a 16 pax tour which consist of a group leader and it is a pilgrimage to all significant hindu temples. it was called "Ramayana Trails". Sri Lanka is a buddhist country but it is also famous for it's monuments related to "Ramayana Legend". A historical yet mythical story written by "Valmiki" envolving sri lankan king Raavana and indian king Rama who fought over a beautiful damsel "Seetha". Even though i am a stranger to this, it was an age old connection between sri lanka and india even way before buddhism was introduced to sri lanka. Everything revolves around this Legend. Even with little understanding i took up the tour to heavens... to meet the hindu gods. Siva Temples, Hanuman Temples, and Vegetarian foods all the way. It was a amazing experience seeing parts of this island which i have never seen before.

The beautiful Water fall named after the Sri Lankan King "Raavana" is called "Raavana Falls" which resides in the heart of "Ella" city. It was such a sight to see it full of flowing clean water after endless raining. The central mountains of Sri Lankan never fails to take my breath away, I always have a feeling within me that my soul belongs to the misty cold mountains that rain never stops.

The most amazing part of the tour was eating 100% Vegetarian foods in all three meals which is quiet strange to me yet it really bought light upon my soul. Giving me a good night sleep having to think that i have not killed anyone for my food today. The south indian cuisine is entirely devoid of meat products but it tastes extremely good with spicy, savour flavor. All the 16 tourists who came bangalore were strict vegetarians and i was suprised. No wonder... there legend speak of a demon king named Raavana who lived in Sri Lanka and i am sure we are his minions. The most unforgetable food i had was in Pure vegetarian restaurent up in the mountain on the way to "Hanuman Temple of Ramboda" which is called "Anapurna". Food was amazing so as the magnificent view.

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